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Petra Fon

Petra Fon

Founder of Spiral Ink, a tattoo artist and mentor, was initially a graphic designer and illustrator who later shifted her career path to tattooing. After a year and a half of apprenticeship in Lucija, she opened her own studio, Petra Fon Tattoo, in the summer of 2019.

Due to her great success and the demand for her style of work, she decided to expand the studio and invite other artists to collaborate. Thus, in 2023, Spiral Ink Tattoo Studio was established in Kozina, where she still works to this day.

Her favorite style of drawing and tattooing is still strongly influenced by comics, drawings, and illustration. A review of her portfolio reveals many colourful, cheerful tattoos reminiscent of cartoons.

Petra enjoys conversing with clients during the tattooing process. However, if you prefer to have your tattoo done in silence, you can let her know at any time.

Pink (Eva Hace)

Pink started her apprenticeship at the studio in October 2023. Due to her previous knowledge in drawing and illustration, she quickly adapted to the work of a tattoo artist and became a permanent artist at Spiral Ink Tattoo Studio.

She loves colours, stars, and glitter, which she often includes in her artworks. Pink doesn’t take life too seriously, which is reflected in her tattoos. They are not just an artistic expression but also a manifestation of her playful and easy-going approach to life.

Unlike Petra, Pink is deeply concentrated on her work while tattooing and is not as talkative during the process.

Pink's pronouns are him/her.

Pink Ink Tatts Eva Hace

Spiral Ink Tattoo Studio

We strive to offer the best experience to all clients, which is why you receive instructions and guidelines at every step, from booking your tattoo session to the end of the tattooing process. If any information is not yet available, you can always write to us using our online contact form here and we will be happy to respond.

We want our artists to focus primarily on creating and tattooing. Therefore, Nika takes care of going through booking requests, managing artists' schedules, and giving information through our info email.

Nika also designed and developed the website and the booking form, so you can let her know about any bugs directly at info@spiralink.si

Since we strive to maintain as positive and pleasant an atmosphere as possible in the studio, there is no room for discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, or other fears or angers towards others or oneself.

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